5 steps to create your character

Who said it was hard to create characters? Follow me on these super simple and fun steps:

First step: Do you already know what kind of character you want? Is it a child or a cute animal? Maybe a robot, or even a little monster.

Second step: Let’s say that you’ve chosen a cute animal, a baby seal for example. How is it personality? Is it extrovert and likes adventures or is it shy, but very creative?

baby seal gif

Third step: Now I would like you to send me a few visual references to our little seal, not only photos, but also other characters and illustrations that you like the style. I will come up with a few references to help you too.

White baby sealInk seal illustration

Fourth step: Drawing time! Based on all the information you gave me, I’ll sketch a few alternatives for you to choose.


Fifth and last step: Let’s add the colors and your character will be done!

After this you’ll decide if you want it in different poses, with different clothes, other expressions. In case you would like to have it animated, I can send you the files ready to animate 🙂


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    Tati Hardt

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