Sneak peek: Snow day – Children’s book

My very first sneak peek post starts with the children’s book I’ve been illustrating: Snow Day - by Damaine Bolton. Snow day is a story about the value of the whole family helping to keep the house in order, even in off days. I can’t tell much more yet, but I can show you a few sketches :) What do you think? Very soon I'll be posting a few colored scenes :) Follow me on Instagram to check out daily sneak peeks :D

5 steps to create your character

Who said it was hard to create characters? Follow me on these super simple and fun steps: First step: Do you already know what kind of character you want? Is it a child or a cute animal? Maybe a robot, or even a little monster. Second step: Let's say that you've chosen a cute animal, a baby seal for example. How is it personality? Is it extrovert and likes adventures or is it shy, but very creative? Third step: Now I would like you to send me a few visual references to our little seal, not only photos, but also…
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Tati Hardt

Hello, I'm Tati and I'm a cuteness specialist. I have been an illustrator for 7 years and I work mainly with children's illustrations and character design. Weather you're looking for some illustrations work done or want to improve your work as an illustrator, I'm here to share a lot of tips and help you clear your doubts.

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