Internal communication campaign related to the launch of the Sustainability Report for all Brazilian employees.
Refrigerator magnet art for Lohas Store, an eco-friendly cosmetics store. Rabbit is the symbol of products not tested on animals.…
Following Directions Monsters is a multi-player multi-level app designed to improve receptive language skills in children.
iTap Icon - Character Redesign
Icon design and character redesign for the app iTap Test of Articulation and Phonology, from Smarty Ears Apps.
This is Jeffrey, he is a bluefooted booby and the Pommtree's mascot, a company located in New York.
Playground metal fence in several layers on top of each other making a train.
Camila is a former coworker who has a very loud and happy personality.
My contribution to the Character Design Challenge was inspired in Iara, a figure from Brazilian (Tupi and Guarani) mythology.
Characters designed for the Family First website, a tourist guide of Zurich.
In order to celebrate the arriving of their baby girl, Barbara Fernandes asked me to make an illustrated picture...
I've made this little caricature of myself to put in my business card...

Let's create fun and cute illustrations together!