Hello, I'm Tati, a person in love with illustration. I have a bachelor degree in Digital Animation Design and I've been working mostly with digital illustrations and character design. I've never stopped studying (for real!), I always like to try new drawing and painting techniques. My current adventures are mixed with watercolors. Check out my fields of work:

Catchy characters

From mascots to fun stories in books and games, designing characters is one of my favorite areas. Characters need to have a meaning and a personality. After all, they are the ones who bring life to our ideas. A well done character is the first step to engage your audience, as you can see here. You can also check out here that you only need 5 steps to create a character that is perfect for your idea.

Children's books, games and educational illustrations

Not for nothing am I a cuteness specialist. Creating for the child audience is something natural for me and "that's so cute" is the reaction I mostly receive about my art. The coolest thing about this area is that there is always an educative feeling and, as I have worked for three years in the education field, I have learned how much easier the learning can be with a fun and interactive approach.

Advertising illustrations

I love to bring some art to the advertising market and there are so many cool ways to do that. Besides mascot creation, it is also possible to illustrate for packages, campaigns, prints. And we can't forget about animations, which is my formation area. So I can deliver the files ready to be animated.

Caricatures and customized illustrations

It was in my first internship that I started the tradition of making customized birthday cards. After the first one, everybody wanted one too. That's how I developed the ability of expressing personalities with simple caricatures. I also illustrate family portraits, invitations and souvenirs for baby showers, bridal showers, weddings and, of course, birthdays.

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